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TV Wall Mounting

You have spent weeks researching the best flat screen TV brands and models. You took the time to measure out the perfect screen size given the room’s dimensions. You even woke up early on Black Friday to get the best deal that you could for your ideal flat screen TV. Now, you are finally ready to mount your flat screen TV on the wall, but are you 100% sure how to do it? Do not take the chances and risk watching your time and effort crashing to the floor within a few days; let us mount your flat screen TV for you.
Cubix Services’ professionals have the expertise for flat screen TV wall mounting in NYC. Whether for thebiggame in your living room or to display earnings reports in the office, mounting a flat screen TV on your wall can be beneficial. Our staff is well-trained and has done many wall mounts before with satisfied customers.
The best part about our flat screen TV wall mounting service is our ability to save you money. Competitors can charge up to 50% more for their services, but we know how important every dollar is. Our goal is toprovide you the most cost-effective solution for all of your flat screen TV mounting needs.
For more information on Cubix Services’ TV wall mounting services, give us a call today at 718-947-6959 to speak with one of our experts.

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