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Workstation Assembly
If you manage a business, you know that it is important to have everything set up properly so that your workers can be working to full capacity. When moving into a new building, it can take a while to get everything set up and have your staff moving at full speed. That is what Cubix Services is here for. We will assemble workstations in NYC so that the move to a new building will not hinder your production.

Cubix Services works in NYC office workstation assembly 24 hours a day to ensure that we do not clash with your work schedule. Our staff can be in at off hours so that everything is in place for when your employees start their day. Our staff has experience in assembling a wide variety of types and brands of flat pack furniture.

By calling Cubix Services, you will ensure that all of your new office furniture is assembled as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes any desks, chairs, cubicles or any other furniture you would like in your office. You do not want to risk wasting any time getting a new office running. We will get everything set up perfectly. For more information on NYC workstation assembly or any of our other services, call us at 718-947-6959.



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