Here in the NYC area, we know that people and businesses are always on the move…

Whether it’s a new apartment, house or condo or a new office, you simply can not guarantee that all your furniture will move and fit easily into your new location. Get a quote for NYC office furniture assembly now just click here. At Cubix Services Inc. we are a group of professionals with many years of knowledge and experience in the furniture field, specializing in the disassembly and reassembly of office and home furniture in NYC. This includes but is not limited to the breakdown and installation of cubicle areas, bookshelves, wall units, sofa and other living room fixtures, desk station, entertainment units, and much more. We specialize in cubicle assembly NYC, modular furniture assembly in New York City, commercial TV wall mounting, workstation assembly, and office furniture assembly in NYC. When it comes to your home we offer New York City home theater installation, tv wall mounting NYC, sofa assembly NYC, wall unit assembly, and basic all around home furniture assembly in NYC.

We understand the complex conditions that are associated with the moving and handling of this type of work, particularly the difficult disassembling process and the subsequent assembly. That is why our goal is to make your project as easy and convenient as possible. We not only work individually with clients but we have also established long lasting professional ties with some of the top moving companies across the tri state area. Our technicians are patient and courteous and will work with you on step by step basis to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are needing office furniture assembly or home furniture assembly call the assembly experts at Cubix Services. Cubix Services has been providing assembly and disassembly services for over 9 years.

Call us today @ (718) 947-6959 or visit our office at Brooklyn, New York so we can help with your home and office furniture assembly needs! We are your best source for cubicle installation in Brooklyn, New York or any of the Burroughs.

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If you are needing office furniture assembly or home furniture assembly call the assembly experts at Cubix Services.

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    “I had some furniture that needed to be taken apart for my move. I called Cubix Services to describe the pieces that needed to be handled. Cubix Services was able to give me an estimate over the phone. At first I was a bit nervous. There have been instances where I have gotten a quote over the phone just to be charged almost double once the job was done because it was “more work that expected”. Thankfully this was NOT the case with Cubix Services. The job took as long as they said it would and cost exactly what I was quoted over phone. All this and impeccable service to boot! Thank you!”
    Timothy Handler
    Honest and Reliable
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    “I am the office manager for a 100 person office in midtown, when my boss put me in charge of handling our move to Chelsea I was completely confused as to how I was going to breakdown and reassemble nearly 60 cubicles from our old location to our new one. When a technician from Cubix Services came in for an estimate, my stress was immediately put to ease . I knew he could handle the job, and I was right! Thank you for making this move as simple as possible!”
    Tom Porcini
    Helped make a large move much less stressful!
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    “I was horrified when I discovered my sofa would not fit through the doorway of my apartment. I had just spent so much money on it. Luckily a friend recommended Cubix Services Inc. to me. A technician arrived at my apartment and within 2 hours my sofa was dismantled, in the apartment and put back together just like new. Thank you Cubix Services.”
    Alicia Stabile
    Completely Reliable!
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    “As an architect I know a thing or two about space planning. When I moved from a large apartment in Miami to much smaller one in NYC I knew I was going to have issues getting my furniture into the new space. Luckily Cubix Services was able to take care of my wall unit, sofa, and entertainment unit. Everything was taken apart and put together with ease and care. The technician was even able to install my flat screen television for me! I highly recommend Cubix Services Inc.!”
    Monica Chiodo
    Extremely Efficient!
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    “As if moving isn't stressful enough, what do you do when your movers get to your new apartment only to realize multiple pieces furniture won’t fit around the curve of the stairs? I panic. Luckily one of my movers knew of a company called Cubix Services Inc. He told me they specialize in exactly this, and well, he was right. Cubix Services was able to take everything apart and put it back together once it was in the apartment. I want to thank him for making this move so much less stressful!”
    Julia Leonard
    Happy and Satisfied Customer…