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About Cubix Furniture Assembly Services

Name – Richard Hayman

Trade – Carpenter, installer, problem-solver, forward-thinker, small business owner.

I started Cubix Services in July of 2009 but it did not happen overnight. For years, I worked my way up through the moving industry as a foreman and eventually operations manager. I gradually became aware of a niche market: disassembling and reassembling furniture. Moving companies often gave assembly-related tasks to amateur employees, movers with no experience. My knowledge of carpentry and general installations gave me insight and an advantage over that conventional approach. I could solve problems faster, while protecting the integrity and value of furniture and artwork.

I learned to broker jobs by offering my handyman services to moving industry clients. I steadily networked and built a reputation for good work and reliability. When the day came when I had amassed the clientele to do installation jobs full-time, I realized I had to create my own company.

The name Cubix came to me because so many of my clients struggled to reconfigure cubicle workstations. It wasn’t just cubicles, though; I provide solutions when oversized & problematic pieces of furniture had to be moved, assembled, disassembled or reassembled. I hire problem-solvers like myself. Clients ask Cubix Services to navigate furniture through the sometimes narrow corners and seemingly impossible spaces of New York City architecture. My team has handled priceless art and built custom furniture sans instructions. We take apart couches, and put them back together without a trace. It is an exciting and dynamic niche, and I only hire workers who share my vision.

My outstanding customer service and professionalism has attracted clients through moving company referrals, returning customers, and glowing recommendations. It is a reputation that has allowed consistent growth. Cubix Services has stayed in business for the last 9 years because I value my reputation. I sincerely enjoy the moment when a solution is found, and a job is completed.

Thanks for reading the story of Cubix Services, and I hope you will become one of my many satisfied customers!

Richard Hayman

Cubix Services Inc

Are you looking for Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Services in South Florida? Cubix Services Inc is a full service Home Furniture Assembly and Office Furniture Assembly in South Florida with vast experience, precision and great customer care.

Whether it’s a new apartment, house or condo or a new office, you simply can not guarantee that all your furniture will move and fit easily into your new location. Get a quote for South Florida office furniture assembly now just click here. At Cubix Services Inc. we are a group of professionals with many years of knowledge and experience in the furniture field, specializing in the disassembly and reassembly of office and home furniture in South Florida. This includes but is not limited to the breakdown and installation of cubicle areas, bookshelves, wall units, sofa and other living room fixtures, desk station, entertainment units, and much more. We specialize in cubicle assembly South Florida, modular furniture assembly in New York City, commercial TV wall mounting, workstation assembly, and office furniture assembly in South Florida. When it comes to your home we offer New York City home theater installation, tv wall mounting South Florida, sofa assembly South Florida, wall unit assembly, and basic all around home furniture assembly in South Florida.

We understand the complex conditions that are associated with the moving and handling of this type of work, particularly the difficult disassembling process and the subsequent assembly. That is why our goal is to make your project as easy and convenient as possible. We not only work individually with clients but we have also established long lasting professional ties with some of the top moving companies across the tri state area. Our technicians are patient and courteous and will work with you on step by step basis to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are needing office furniture assembly or home furniture assembly call the assembly experts at Cubix Services. Cubix Services has been providing assembly and disassembly services for over 9 years.

Why Hire Us?

  • Fast & Professional

    We have been doing furniture assembly for many years. We build it precise, professional and fast.

  • Flexible Schedule

    We know how hard it could get to allocate time for setups. We make efforts to work with your schedule.

  • Excellent Service

    We care about our clients! Excellent Service At Affordable Prices!

For more information on Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Services in South Florida, contact Cubix Services Inc at (347) 731-3538.

Cubix Services Inc – Your trusted source for Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Services in South Florida.

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Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Services in South Florida